Slice of Life: Catalog Nerd

Each autumn when I was a kid, I looked forward to the arrival of the Sears Wish Book. Within this catalog were the items I needed to ensure a perfect life. Barbie dolls I dreamt of, a dollhouse I coveted, and more. There were matching skirts and sweaters and perfectly appointed bedrooms. (I confess, though, the white French Provincial furniture never appealed to me.) I pored over the pages, carefully considering each item before adding it to my letter to Santa.

Of course the Sears Christmas catalog, and others like it, have gone the way of the dodo. But over the course of my teaching career, I’ve discovered two catalogs that fill me with as much excitement as the Wish Book did so many years ago. The Heinemann and Stenhouse spring catalogs arrived today, and I swear I did a little happy dance. Filled with professional books by educators I trust and admire, I now study the pages of these two catalogs with more intensity that I ever invested in the Sears catalog. Because, although I won’t ever have time to read all the smart, inspirational books offered by Heinemann and Stenhouse, I am certain that the three or four books that I do purchase will make me a better teacher. They won’t ensure a perfect life (I gave up that wild goose chase long ago), but they will provide me with ideas, tools, and strategies that I can use to do the best work I can for my students. And while that won’t give them a perfect life either, it will go a long way toward instilling in them the passions and skills they’ll need to create their own best possible life.

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13 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Catalog Nerd

  1. Ohhhh. I’m with you on the catalogs and really miss the Wish Book. But Stenhouse and Heinemann were my new wish books. Love when I connect to a post like this


  2. My sister and I used to pour over the Sears catalogue! We’d chose everything we liked and then add it up to see what it totaled. Thanks for sparking a trip down memory lane!


  3. I used to look forward to the Sears Catalogs and in more recent years,the Country Curtains catalog. They are all gone now….but at least we have Heinemann and Stenhouse! I agree they make me smile!


  4. I’d love to know which books you are thinking about ordering. Heinemann just arrived yesterday so I did a quick look but haven’t spent much time with it yet. We are nerds together.


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