Poetry Friday: Ladybugs

Today is NCTE’s National Day on Writing. This year’s theme is #Why I Write. As I thought about how to respond to this, I realized there isn’t just one reason. There are as many reasons as stars in the sky. I write to remember the moon winking at me in the morning as I stand at my kitchen sink. I write to feel the warmth of my grandmother’s hand in mine once more, and the sweet smell of her kitchen when she baked pies. I could go on and on. Or maybe there is only one reason: love. I write because I love watching people and the world around me and trying to capture the beauty of it all in words. 

This poem was inspired by a lone ladybug crawling along my porch railing last weekend. As I watched, I realized it’s just about time for the invasion of the ladybugs.

As red as ripe berries,
a horde of ladybugs
swarm every room,
crawling on walls,
buzzing over chairs,
scuttling into corners
where walls meet ceiling
nestling into beams of warm October sun,
punctuating autumn’s golden days,
declaring summer’s end.

Photo by bazzo2006 via Morguefile

© Catherine Flynn, 2017

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14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Ladybugs

  1. Wow. I’ve never seen an invasion of ladybugs! And yours (those pictured) are so red! (As ripe as red berries, indeed!) Ours are more orange – even paling to yellow. (It’s kind of funny that I’ve never imagined ladybeetles red – since they always are, in picture books.)

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  2. we had a ladybug swarm last year and watching them on the white brick of our house was fascinating. Love your poem with all the action verbs. What better reason is there for writing than love?!

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  3. I adore these reasons to write. Your grandmother’s hand once again. Thank you, Catherine. I do love ladybugs too. Happy end of summer (still feels like it here) – and maybe fall – we are looking at possible snowdust next week. More to love, more to love… xx

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  4. Your intro is a poem, too, Catherine. Oh wow, do you really have the ladybugs in your house? I’ve seen many on a south-facing wall, but not inside, like the spiders! I love that “red as ripe berries” too!

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  5. Catherine, love is a wonderful reason to write. “Punctuating autumn’s golden days” struck me. I was going to use that word today but I chose another. Punctuating has a strong distinction. Those ladybugs are so adorable.

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  6. We have been invaded by fruit flies, so a ladybug invasion would be a welcome. They are certainly cuter! You have captured their invasion perfectly with your choice of words!

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  7. Somehow I missed reading this last week. I love your thoughts on writing, so beautifully expressed, and your verb-rich ladybug poem. We have in-home ladybug invasions but those ladybugs are typically of the orange variety. The red ones usually travel alone 🙂


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