Poetry Friday: Things To Do If You’re a Seed

This fall I’m teaching a six-week exploratory course on gardening to 4th and 5th graders. Six weeks isn’t much time, but we’ve already suspended an avocado pit in water, planted oregano, and brainstormed a list of questions we want to answer. Later today we’ll be planting potatoes and next week we’re starting herb gardens.

Planting oregano (Thank you, Keri Snowden, for the photo!)


In addition to all these seeds sprouting, I’d like some writing to blossom during our course. A “things to do” list poem is a form we can collaborate on, and lends itself nicely to a short time frame. Here is a poem I drafted  to use as a model.

Things to do if you’re a seed…

nestle into rich, warm soil
soak up plenty of water
swell like a sponge
split your coat
plunge thirsty roots deep into the earth
poke an eager stem into the air
sprout feathery leaves
drink up the sun’s shimmering rays

then grow…

and grow

and grow.

© Catherine Flynn, 2017

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13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Things To Do If You’re a Seed

  1. How wonderful to do that group, Catherine. The poem, as Kat mentions, goes well with Jane Yolen’s poem too. The soil of a gardening class is rich indeed for writing!

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  2. oooooh, I love it! I would love to know what some of the kid questions are. I have some too.
    Does watching seeds make me patient?
    Does watching seeds make me learn to read signs of nature?
    I hope you will share what the kids write.
    I want to be in YOUR classroom.

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  3. I really enjoyed your poem today. I just recently started my 2nd avocado seed. The first one did splendid. I was all ready to transplant it into soil and it succumbed to mold that I had missed for about a week. I was so bummed because it seemed to take forever to get to that stage! Ah well. Hopefully 2nd time around will go better.

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  4. I love this! I want to use it for a mentor text with a group that I will be teaching Science. I just realized, too, that this school has a garden. Thanks for pushing me to this realization.

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