Poetry Friday: The Wonders Around Us

My summer writing goal:

Sing of the Earth and sky,
sing of our lovely planet,
sing of the low and high,
of fossils locked in granite.

Sing of the strange, the known,
the secrets that surround us,
sing of the wonders shown,
and the wonders still around us.

by Aileen Fisher

Thank you, Miss Fisher, for reminding me.

“A Night in Malibu” by Jeremy Bishop, via Unsplash

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15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Wonders Around Us

  1. Last night, I attended the funeral of a 33-year-old father of four, who passed away unexpectedly after complications from surgery. Such a reminder that life is short and tomorrow is never promised. I want this to be my goal for summer too.

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  2. A wonderful, wonderful reminder. I’ve been grappling with some major anxiety over a new job recently, and I’ve started talking walks outside whenever possible, and there’s just something about being outside in the fresh air, absorbing nature, that just gives me such peace.


  3. I’m intrigued that her only concrete example (heh…pun not intended) is the fossils. Why? Just to have a rhyme for planet?

    The last line is a little chilling in these times…”the wonders STILL around us.” No bees in significant numbers in my garden yet this summer. They should be swarming the blooming oregano by now. No black swallowtails. All the early caterpillars (from eggs that overwintered?) have disappeared while still in beginning instars. We don’t spray anything in our yard. What is wafting in or billowing around us to cause this dearth of life?


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