Poetry Friday: Spring Tanka

“…seek the resonance that enters a poem only when it is touched by the stillness of nature.”
~ Margarita Engle ~

Spring has finally arrived in my corner of Connecticut! The forsythia have been ablaze for the last two weeks, and greening lawns are dotted with dandelions. Everywhere you look, the world is abloom. For this final week of National Poetry Month, I decided to revisit Margarita Engle’s tanka challenge for Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’s Today’s Little Ditty Challenge. Even though there is nothing still about spring, the beauty of the season resonates deep within me.

Lithe limbs arch and bend
trimmed with a thousand blossoms,
graced in frilly pink tutus,
chasséing on a spring breeze.


On a southern slope,
columns of bright daffodils
raise their trumpets high
and play a rousing fanfare
heralding winter’s retreat.

© Catherine Flynn, 2017

Thank you, Michelle, for inviting us to your DMC Potluck this month! Be sure to visit Michelle’s to read more poetic offerings. And don’t forget to visit JoAnn Early Macken at Teaching Authors for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Spring Tanka

  1. The forsythia always seems to be the first blast of color, along with crocus, I guess. I love your dancing spring and “rousing fanfare”, Catherine. Beautiful response to your spring arrival!

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  2. Ahh! You’ve truly captured two beautiful moments here, Catherine—those “frilly pink tutus, chasséing” and the “rousing fanfare” of daffodil trumpets. Thanks so much for coming to the poetry potluck!

    And I don’t know how many times I’ve read Margarita’s quote, but it still leaves me momentarily breathless. Every time I read it, I stop to listen. To what? Who knows. Just the silence, I guess, to see what’s there.

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