SOL 17: No Yelling!

I love my job. I love my colleagues as well as the challenge of working with such a diverse grade range (K-8). I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but I really love working with our Kindergarten teachers. They are enthusiastic, have embraced the reading and writing units of study, and are incredibly creative. And, because I moved into a new room over the summer, I see them and their amazing students every day. Some mornings I stand by my door just to say hello.

Last Friday, I received this email from Ms. M.:

Of course I went down to see them as soon as I had a minute. I found the K2 writers hard at work on their persuasive pieces. One student had turned hers into a song. During music that morning, the music teacher set her words to a simple tune, and they recorded a video of them singing “No Yelling!”

Screenshot of a few K2 singers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have permission to share the video so you can hear them, but here are the lyrics:

No Yelling!
by M.

No, no yelling!
No, no yelling!
can disturb,
can disturb
other people.
Yes, it’s true!

Don’t you love her use of repetition to make her point?

Take it from me. If you’re having a bad day or just need a smile, head to the nearest Kindergarten classroom. You’ll feel better the minute you walk in the door. Just remember, no yelling!

Proud author!

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16 thoughts on “SOL 17: No Yelling!

  1. So cute!! What great advice too!! I teach 5th grade but when I need a “break” I love walking into the younger grades! K and 1st graders are just so happy, innocent and honest and they’re excitment and wonder just make me smile!!

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  2. This is adorable. A few years ago, a K teacher asked me to watch a small group of her students who were car riders. I would wait with them while she loaded her others onto buses. What a joy to spend time with them. I read them stories, let them play with clay, and just enjoyed their presence. Your post reminded me of these kids.

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  3. Kindergarteners say the greatest things, and they are so very serious about the rules. I love this post. My first grade son likes to give me advice for my students (high schoolers). My favorites are “Don’t do anything really bad, like kill people.” and “Pay attention when my mom is talking.”

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  4. Your title grabbed me!! I love that K opinion unit — it is the best!!! I completely agree about K – today I met up with a class in the hall and they were so excited I had to follow them back to their classroom so we could talk. They are so genuine, joyous and engaging. Thank you for sharing the song — I think we all need to be reminded of those words.

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  5. Why it’s a joy to be with the granddaughters, 5 & 7. You’re lucky to get to be with them so often. And the song is wonderful, must be super fun to hear it. Thanks, Catherine!

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