Poetry Friday: Words


I couldn’t keep up with life, work, and Laura Shovan’s Found Poetry Project, “10 Words Found in the News” this week. A few drafts are hiding in my notebook, and for now, that’s where they’ll stay. Thursday’s words, rural, warm, digester, dumps, compost, hanging, cartel, burial, peels, scraps, were culled by Ruth Lehrer from “The Compost King of New York” in the New York Times. They appealed to me immediately. My grandmother had a compost heap in her back yard for fertilizing her garden, and I initially went down that path. But, as often happens, another possibility presented itself.

bubble up,
seeking my attention.
Some form a cartel,
hanging together
to demand a high
price for their use.

One or two peel away,
shimmering with possibility.

The rest are buried,
dumped along with
scraps of stories
and lines of abandoned poems
to a compost heap in some
rural part of my brain.

In the warmth and darkness
of my unconscious,
as if in a digester,
they ferment,
waiting their turn
to bubble up
to the surface
and bloom.

© Catherine Flynn, 2017


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20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Words

  1. Yes, writing often works for me this way. I love “the rural part of my brain.”

    I hope you and Brenda aren’t too worried about being behind with the daily poems. I’ve had to bow out most of this week! Life happens.

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  2. I love the surprises that come with writing. We think the poem is about one thing, but then the words lead us somewhere totally unexpected. Great poem, especially the last stanza!

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  3. The best part about reading the responses from Laura’s challenge is that they are all different. So many of my words and ideas wait to “bubble up to the surface”…and yes, some never make it there!

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  4. I hear you with keeping up on the found words challenge. I want to go back to the food composting words. Sometimes putting the words in a drawer for awhile helps.

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