Poetry Friday: “Worldview”


This poem was written in response to Laura Shovan’s Found Poetry Project. This year’s theme is “10 Words Found in the News.” Laura’s goal is to “encourage everyone to look at that language as a poet. We can create found poems and word art to reflect what’s happening in our country and world.” Today’s words, worldview, help, shareholders, safer, protections, dishonest, media, replace, business, and Messiah, are from NPR’s February 1st story about Rex Tillerson’s approval as Secretary of State.

"Earthrise" Image Credit: NASA
“Earthrise” by the astronauts of Apollo 8. Image Credit: NASA

Let the worldview
we carry within us
be this:

We are all shareholders,
caretakers of the abundance
of our planet.

We owe her our protection,
to keep our water safe,
to help our neighbors in need.

This is the business of living.

Don’t dwell on the media’s howls
of dishonest, troubled souls.
Replace fear with love,
and find the power of your Messiah within,
in the light of your heart.

© Catherine Flynn, 2017

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13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “Worldview”

  1. Catherine, this is so beautiful. What a lovely response. I haven’t tried this prompt yet. But, every response to Laura’s prompt and challenge nudges me closer. Well done. I love waiting for PF. Thursday night is so much more fun!

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  2. I love what you did with the words, Catherine. I’m not finding Facebook an easy forum for the challenges. Not being able to press “return” without uploading is not conducive to thoughtful comments.

    So I pressed “return” here, just because I can. I do appreciate Laura’s gathering of poets, though.


  3. I love this, all, but “Don’t dwell on the media’s howls” is something we might all consider. I read what Itrust, and try hard to ignore the rest. Thanks for the good pholosophy!


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