Poetry Friday: A Hidden Nest


Since Natalie Babbitt’s death at the end of October, I’ve been thinking about her lovely book, The Search for Delicious. (More about that here.) I’ve been keeping an eye out for “those commonplace marvels which [the world] spreads so carelessly before us everyday.” This morning, I noticed this “commonplace marvel” in the apple tree in my front yard:

fallen leaves reveal
robin’s hidden nest, holding
the promise of spring

© Catherine Flynn, 2016


 Please be sure to visit Bridgit Magee at Wee Words for Wee Ones for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Hidden Nest

  1. Like Mary Oliver, you take notice. It is the work of a poet. Are you adding this to Mary Lee’s haiku-a-day challenge? Michelle is curating at Today’s Little Ditty.

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  2. I love when I find these empty nests still clinging to the branch. I think about the bird that built it and then tended to the precious life within. There is hidden life everywhere. I love how you have captured that in the words of this poem.

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  3. You and Mary Lee have started something we will celebrate every day this month, a wonderful ending to the year. Thanks, Catherine. Fallen leaves reveal quite a lot, don’t they?

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  4. So nice to be pointed here by Linda’s post today, since I missed it the first time around! Thanks for the invitation to take a deep breath, and notice. And, thanks for the tribute to such an extraordinary talent who will be sorely missed. XO

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