Poetry Friday: The Moon’s Wondrous Tale


“Soon as the evening shades prevail,
The moon takes up the wondrous tale.”

 ~ Joseph Addison ~


The moon has always fascinated me. Each day, I notice its passage through its eternal journey around the earth. I feel as if my day isn’t complete if I haven’t greeted my old friend. This month, the mystery of the moon has offered me a welcome distraction from the turmoil of our world. I wrote these haiku in response to the mood of the moon throughout the month.


in the crisp gloaming,
a sliver of moon winks through
shadowy branches


music fills the night;
each note carried on a beam
of silver moonlight


at dawn, a ghost moon
floats above purple hills;
not ready for sleep


eyelid at half mast,
tonight the moon is a
drowsy peach

© Catherine Flynn, 2016

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16 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Moon’s Wondrous Tale

  1. I just read these on Michelle’s posting, Catherine. I do love moon writing, every bit! And these are loving reminders of how much it can mean to us. Love that “drowsy peach”!

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