Poetry Friday: Grains of Sand


How can we make sense of yet another horrific act of senseless violence? Yesterday’s events in France have me in a state of despair. The light-hearted poem I had planned to share today now seems inappropriate. What to share instead?

As I walked my dog this morning, I was hyperaware of my surroundings, noticing traces of spider webs, ripening blackberries, and the cacophony of bird songs. Noticing the beauty of the world right in front of me. Somehow all this noticing reminded of me of this poem, which I wrote several years ago.

Sand, magnified 250x via Science is Awesome http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0rvfs8x3j1qbwfjko1_500.jpg

The Sand Beneath Our Feet

Sometimes in our busy lives,
we brush others aside
as carelessly as we brush
the sand off our feet
after a day at the beach.

But what if we stopped,
took a moment
for a closer look?

What wonders might be revealed to us?

The geologist, turning
her microscope to those few
grains of sand,
is rewarded with
an astonishing menagerie:

crystal jacks,
ivory sea urchins,
golden honeycombs,
swirls of pink cotton candy,
amber snails, spiraling ever inward.

Shaped by forces beyond our ken,
each one as different from the other
as you and I.

What pressures shaped you?
What winds and rains have buffeted you about?
What marvels have been forged
in the depths of your heart?

© Catherine Flynn, 2016

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7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Grains of Sand

  1. I too am in despair. I can’t help but wonder what could make someone hate so much that they would want to kill so many people they didn’t even know? I pray for the families torn apart by this senseless violence.

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  2. To see the marvels in each other. Or to even recognize that we all have wondrous things within. That would be a marvel. Maybe, when the world seems too cruel it is calling us to pay attention to those grains of sand.
    Thank you for you beautiful words. They are a call to action.

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