Poetry Friday: A Bale of Turtles


“A Bale of Turtles”

After months of hibernation
buried in the mud and muck,
a bale of turtles emerge
into a world of glimmering green.

Heads raised high in jubilation,
they bask in the glittering sunshine,
silent and still,
chasing away winter’s chill.

© Catherine Flynn, 2016


I took this picture at the end of April at a pond near my house. Since then, I’ve been working on this poem, trying to find just the right form, words, and phrases. During that time, I’ve felt like I’ve been buried in the mud and muck of school busyness, which has drained my writing energy. Now that school is over, I decided to revisit these happy turtles, and emerge into the sunshine with them.

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Bale of Turtles

  1. Isn’t it interesting that when we begin to see certain animals we know spring is really here, then summer too, of course. Love the use of ‘bale”, wonder why that too? Now when I see turtles raising their heads I will think of your words, Catherine, & know they’re celebrating! Thank you!

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  2. Another wonderful poem, Catherine! Don’t you love all those amazing words for groups of animals? Like so many others, I had never heard of a bale. I’m so glad you revisited this picture and created your poem. Three cheers for emerging from muck and mud into summer’s sun!

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  3. How cool to see so many turtles all at once. We see the occasional box turtle in our woods or driveway (and we name them all of course). Thanks for the uplifting poem :).

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