Poetry Friday: Desertbells


“The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”
~ Natalie Angier ~

Today is Earth Day. I wanted to write a poem specifically to commemorate that, but trying to write a poem about the whole Earth overwhelmed me. Then I remembered this photo from an Arizona Highways desk calendar. The beauty is in the details.

Photo by Tim Fitzharris in 2016 Arizona Highways Calendar
Photo by Tim Fitzharris in 2016 Arizona Highways Calendar

Cradled like newly hatched
desertbell vines
run rampant
through the jaws of an agave,
weaving their blossoms
between its toothy thorns.

© Catherine Flynn, 2016

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10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Desertbells

  1. Your poems are consistently fabulous–I’m still lingering over your recent “Who are you?” bird poem (rereading it and loving each line) and then you created this beauty. My favorite poems nudge me to see the world in new ways and this poem is a perfect example of that. Wow!

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  2. Happy Earth Day! Yes, the beauty is definitely in the details. Love the contrast in your poem between the delicate blossoms and the toothy thorns. “Newly hatched crocodiles” is brilliant too :).

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  3. The details. Yes.

    Last week, I set my sights on a big idea, but yesterday realized that it was a small, everyday detail that would bring the most long lasting happiness. It felt good to bring my eyes down from a very short-term WOW and see the difference it makes to focus on ordinary happiness.

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  4. This is a wonderful poem with a beautiful image. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser for #SpringsSeeds Gallery. (I created a Twitter hashtag as a repository.) Will you please offer this image poem, Catherine?

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