Poetry Friday: Laughter Across the Years


Hats off to all of you who’ve been writing a poem each day in celebration of National Poetry Month. I have been working on a couple of long-term projects that have made it impossible to keep up with all the inspiring projects people have going. I admire your fortitude and creativity.

Today’s poem was initially inspired by Mary Lee Hahn‘s project, Bygones. When I started writing, though, I soon saw how this could work for Marilyn Singer’s April ditty challenge at Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’s blog to write a “poem inspired by the word ‘echo.'”

My father, Tom Wallian, circa 1941
My father, Tom Wallian, circa 1941

Laughter from two little boys
echoes across the years:

On your first set of wheels
you pedal down the garden path,
feet pumping
hands gripping
heart soaring

A glint of mischief in your eyes
An impish grin across your face

your heart soaring
hands gripping
feet pumping
as you pedal down the garden path
on your first set of wheels

your laughter echoing across the years.

My son, Brian, circa 1985
My son, Brian, circa 1985

Please be sure to visit Laura Purdie Salas at Writing the World for Kids for the Poetry Friday Roundup.


17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Laughter Across the Years

  1. I love the idea of using photos – your poem with echo and the photos made me think of poems for two voices. I could almost hear the echo as I read. Beautiful.


  2. “Your laughter echoing across the years”-that is my favorite part of your poem. I love the way you captured your father and your son in one touching poem.


  3. I love how you transported us to a time in the past riding a tricycle or watching a child ride one. There are some things that withstand the test of time.


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