Slice of Life: Astray on a Summer Breeze


How to teach poetry? “This has always worked: find the material in your own life.”
~ Naomi Shihab Nye ~

Penny Kittle tweeted this last night from the Boothbay Literacy Retreat, quoting a line from Naomi Shihab Nye, the evening’s “Distinguished Lecturer.” I had been thinking about this very idea earlier in the afternoon after I saw this on my way home:


Needless to say, I did a double take. So I drove home, parked the car, and the dog and I walked back to the field to capture the moment. The camera on my phone really doesn’t do justice to the scene, so I’ll try to paint a picture with words.

A balloon bouquet,
astray on a summer breeze,
touched down in a
sun-drenched meadow
to dance with butterflies.

I hope you all have a chance to enjoy a few sun-drenched afternoons this summer!

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21 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Astray on a Summer Breeze

  1. You remind me that when we do see something that causes us to do a double take, we need to pause, look, write. Thanks for taking the time to look and write. And then SHARE!!


  2. What a lovely poem! I admire how you first noticed, then thought/acted (going back for the photo) and then created. This poem is such a wonderful, whimsical example of finding inspiration in everyday things! I’d love to share it with my students next year!


  3. You painted a beautiful vignette with your words. After writing my not-so-beautiful post on housecleaning, yours reminded me to take time and enjoy some summer moments today, too.


  4. I’m with Melanie . . . loved the “to dance with butterflies”! I enlarged the picture but was still thinking “balloons?” and not quite certain. Always love the pictures you create with your poetry!


  5. I love that you returned to capture the moment, then wrote too, Catherine. I have my granddaughters in the afternoons this week, & we spent time with a swallowtail yesterday, watching it dance among the flowers. I think we might not be out so much today, supposed to be our hottest day so far!


  6. I love the poem. I was at a conference and sat in on a Naomi Shihab Ne workshop. OMG I learned so much for about getting ideas from real life. My favorite idea, which i recall frequently, but don;t actually do in a disciplined manner, was to keep a notebook and write down three things everyday. That way you have a collection of ideas for writing.


  7. Isn’t it frustrating how the camera just doesn’t see as our eyes do! Yet at the same time, it makes me value what I capture with my eyes all the more. The picture you paint with words is much more than the camera could see.


  8. I did a double take, too when I saw your picture of those balloons in the field. Love that you have to go back and get pictures. I did that today, going by daisies. Stopped the car and walked back…
    Your poem is beautiful. I always wonder from whom it escaped and how.


  9. Such a fun poem from this stray image that floated across your day! So glad you captured it. Thanks for the encouragement to pause and enjoy sun-drenched afternoons.


  10. Catherine, I live how you doubled back to capture the image. At first I thought it was a Gingerbread man balloon on the loose! Gorgeous light in the poem and scene. Next year, I want to go to Boothbay!


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