Poetry Friday: Spring Blossoms


Spring has finally arrived in Connecticut. The weeping cherry trees, magnolias, and apple trees are in full bloom. Their beauty, and this painting by George Inness, inspired today’s poem.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of George A. Hearn, in memory of Arthur Hoppock Hearn, 1911
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of George A. Hearn, in memory of Arthur Hoppock Hearn, 1911

After “Spring Blossoms, Montclair, New Jersey” by George Inness, 1891

Beneath a sea of blue,
the orchard has unfurled
a delicate veil
of pink and white,
and the bees are all abuzz.

Under silken petals,
that soon will fall
like snow,
a farmer strides
toward the barn,
ready to tend
the newborn lambs.

© Catherine Flynn, 2015

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12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Spring Blossoms

  1. Catherine, your poem is simply a lovely description of the gentle beauty of spring-a fitting tribute that is so serene in its visual effect. If you have a photo to accompany it let’s place it in Spring’s Symphony.


  2. It must be early — look at that moon! Last week, we had the exact same early morning moon, luminescent skies and blooming trees that glowed. Now it has rained, and we have green. And suddenly, shade. You can have him be a farmer, but I will choose to see a self-portrait of the painter…or me!


  3. Thanks for sharing your poem, Catherine. AND for sharing that painting – so beautiful! I’m glad spring has sprung at last in your part of the world – and mine!


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