More Reasons to Write a Poem


Happy National Poetry Month, everyone! To kick off this month-long celebration of poets and poetry, I used Bob Raczka’s contribution to The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations,  “Some Reasons To Write A Poem” as a model, and came up with my own list of reasons to write a poem.

More Reasons to Write a Poem

Because a dew-laden branch looks like
a string of diamonds in the morning sun

Because mixing soap and water creates
iridescent bubbles

Because the ice is gone and swans have
returned to the river

Because the fluffy orange cat curled up
next to you is purring

Because the moon is hanging in the afternoon sky
like a gauzy cotton ball

Because you surprised your mother with
a bouquet of yellow roses

and she smiled.

© Catherine Flynn, 2015

Les Roses jaunes, Pierre Laprade, 1920  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Les Roses jaunes, Pierre Laprade, 1920 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Looking for resources and ways to celebrate National Poetry Month? Head over to Jama’s Alphabet Soup, where Jama Rattigan has collected a treasure-trove of helpful links.

14 thoughts on “More Reasons to Write a Poem

  1. Catherine, I love this poem so much. I will use it as a mentor text for my students. The specificity and imagery is delightful.


  2. I love your version of this poem! I read Bob Raczka’s poem today to the third graders I was subbing for. They enjoyed it very much. I love your orange purring cat and all of this poem. I hope I can share yours with them after the vacation.


  3. Catherine, I’m so excited about your poem. This month, I’m trying out list poems during my third grade poetry residency. I know the students will love this one.


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