Slice of Life: Sunday Haiku



It’s been a busy weekend, filled with family, errands, cooking, and chores. And, in Connecticut at least, the sun was shining and the temperature climbed into the thirties! I actually went outside for a short walk. The birds were also happy with the weather, and one inspired this haiku:

From his frosty perch

a crimson cardinal chirps

welcoming the dawn.

By LASZLO ILYES from Cleveland, Ohio, USA (♂ Cardinal  Uploaded by Snowmanradio) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By LASZLO ILYES, via Wikimedia Commons
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7 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Sunday Haiku

  1. I, too took advantage of the “warm” weather here in Ohio! I went for a run, but the melting snow made that venture a little wet…I loved reading your haiku to get a slice of your day!


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