Poetry Friday: Dear Mr. & Mrs. Eagle


At the beginning of the month, Michelle Barnes shared a terrific interview with David Elliot on her blog, Today’s Little Ditty. David challenged readers to write a “letter poem to a bird, animal, or other object of our choice.” I have been thinking about this challenge all month, but couldn’t decide what or whom to write to until today when a friend shared a link to this video on Facebook.

I was hooked. After watching the video several times, scrolling through the other photos posted on this site, and, as David suggested, doing some research, I drafted this letter poem to Mr. and Mrs. Eagle.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Eagle,

The world has snatched the privacy
of your tree-top aerie;
While on a clutch of eggs you brood,
to our TV screens we’re glued.

We marvel at your fortitude,
braving wind and snow in solitude,
to tend your unborn chicks with care
one hundred feet up in the air.

Taking turns to hunt and fish,
you bring your mate a tasty dish.
Now it’s your shift on the nest;
roll those eggs, then get some rest.

We’ll be watching all month long,
waiting to hear your newborns’ song.


Your Nosy Neighbors

© Catherine Flynn, 2015

Thank you, Michelle and David, for this challenge! Please be sure to visit Michelle’s blog to read more letter poems, and don’t forget to visit Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe for the Poetry Friday Round Up.

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Dear Mr. & Mrs. Eagle

  1. I’m with you, Catherine. I’m sitting here thinking why I was so mesmerized by that video. I was totally taken with the “love” I saw when that eagle was staring down at the eggs, deciding where they should be placed for perfect comfort and snuggly warmth. You seriously rocked this ditty challenge, Catherine. Wonderful poem! (I’ve added it to the wrap-up post.)


  2. Yes – at least the nosy neighbors are offering appreciations instead of asking for a cup of sugar! Thanks for sharing here and on Michelle’s post. Those nest-cams are amazing; “The world has snatched the privacy/of your treetop aerie” – indeed!


  3. That’s great that you were inspired to write not only a letter but a poem too!! We keep the live webcam on our smartboard during indoor recess of the Davenport, IA eagle’s nest My 4th graders love them. I hope you don’t mind if I share you letter with them.


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