Poetry Friday: One Boy Told Me


“One Boy Told Me”

by Naomi Shihab Nye

Music lives inside my legs.

It’s coming out when I talk.

I’m going to send my valentines

to people you don’t even know.

Oatmeal cookies make my throat gallop.

Grown-ups keep their feet on the ground

when they swing. I hate that.

Read the rest of the poem here.

Children are full of priceless observations. My own boys made their fair share of pronouncements that brought a smile to my face. Nye’s poem made me wish I had written down some of their comments. Ah well, sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words.


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9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: One Boy Told Me

  1. What a sweet photo, Catherine! I didn’t write down enough of what my children said when they were young either. And what I did write down, I probably couldn’t find anyway. Sigh… those were some special times though, weren’t they?


  2. It is “hard being a person,” but I think I can cure that with some swimming noodles!

    Love all three of the “puppies” in that picture!


  3. I love, love, love Naomi. I hug her when I see her and she doesn’t really know me. I wish I had known about the poet in my when my girls were young. The things they said were priceless. I need to remember to collect words people say that touch me or make me laugh.


  4. Catherine, Naomi’s poems are always great. Thanks. I found the book that she signed for me at NCTE so I am going to go through it. her reading of the poem is filled with enthusiasm. Great photo of “the boys.” How sweet!


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