Poetry Friday: A Valentine, Of Sorts


In memory of Beth Flynn, my mother-in-law, who taught me much about baking, loving, and life.

It’s snowing again today,

this day that would have been

your 77th birthday.

The weatherman said, “Just a dusting,”

like the recipe

for your favorite chocolate cookies,

sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar.

I would have baked these for you today in celebration.

Can you see the snowflakes?

Feel their icy touch on your nose?

Or are you part of them?

Your soul mixed in their lacy crystals,

blanketing me once more with your love.

© Catherine Flynn, 2015

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11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Valentine, Of Sorts

  1. Catherine,
    I’m speechless. Your poem says so much about your mother-in-law, your love for her, and the place she holds in your heart.

    “Your soul mixed in their lacy crystals,
    blanketing me once more with your love.”



  2. Oh, Catherine, what a tribute to your mother in law! I, too, learned a lot about love, life and baking from MY mother in law. Miss her ever day. Thank you for this “dusting.” xo


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