SOLC 2014: An Evening in Brooklyn


My son lives in Brooklyn. I love that he has made a life for himself there and am very proud of him. But I don’t get to Brooklyn very often. Usually, he will come home to Connecticut, or we meet in Manhattan. 

Saturday was Michael’s birthday. I was in the city for TCRWP’s Saturday Reunion, so after I left Riverside Church, I got in my car and drove down the West Side Highway and under the East River to have a birthday dinner with Michael and his friends. Everyone wanted to go to a new barbecue place that just opened in the neighborhood. As we walked down the street, I was in awe of how easily he moved through this world, greeting his neighbors and being part of his little community.

The line was out the door when we arrived at the restaurant, but everyone wanted to stay. Michael wanted to show me the view from the waterfront, so his friends got in line, and he and I walked to the water. Suddenly, there was the Statue of Liberty, glowing from across the harbor in the setting sun. Barges were sailing down the channel, heading who knows where. In the distance rose the graceful columns of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. We stood and soaked in the beauty of early evening.


It began to get chilly, so we headed back to the restaurant. The line hadn’t moved very far, but we enjoyed watching the two-year old in front of us trying to drill the wall with his toy drill. We chatted with the people around us about every imaginable subject. A band was playing and we danced while we waited. Time flew and soon it was our turn to order. This homestyle place had every kind of barbecued meat you can imagine on the menu. We got a huge tray with a smattering of everything and proceeded to gorge ourselves. It was a lovely evening.

So many of you have young children and your posts are filled with the joys and tribulations of daily life with babies and toddlers, tweens and teens. I’m always a little nostalgic after reading them. I miss having my boys around every day. But having grown children brings different joys, like those I shared with Michael on Saturday.

Thank you, as always, to StaceyTaraDanaBetsyAnna, and Beth for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge. Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers to read more Slice of Life posts.

9 thoughts on “SOLC 2014: An Evening in Brooklyn

  1. Your description of this fabulous Saturday in Brooklyn made me feel like I was there. Plus, I connected to you even more having grown children. Mine are 25 and 22. I have loved every age with them but I am really enjoying them as adults! And I loved reading that you do too. I also was at the Reunion…I spent Saturday evening walking the High Line with my husband. I love TCRWP and NYC! I think you do too!


  2. I love this because soon I’ll be an empty nester, and I look forward to experiencing this different kind of relationship with my daughters. You captured this beautifully.


  3. My kids are grown, and I love this stage, too, Catherine. I wouldn’t trade those early and hectic times for anything, but all of us love the way it is now – when we get together as adults and have a different appreciation of each other.


  4. Your description of the evening sounded wonderful. I hope to enjoy times like these with my children as they grow older too. I have never been to New York City to visit. Hope to get there some day…the image of the Statue of Liberty must have been breath-taking!


  5. Sounds like a wonderful evening with Michael! What a great way to cap-off your day at TC.

    I can imagine missing these days. But I’m sure there are many perks to having grown children too. (Maybe grandkids in a few years!)


  6. You’re so right about the pleasures of adult children, Catherine. Every year of parenthood is good, just different. So happy you shared this special day with Michael, and with us!


  7. I actually couldn’t make the TC reunion because I’d promised my 23-year-old daughter that I’d help her look for a college graduation dress and take a look at her taxes (though God only knows why she considers me an expert at either of those). And this SOL resonated so much for me. I, too, adore having a 20-something child and seeing the life she’s made for herself in Brooklyn. (She lives close to Pratt, though her dad lives in Red Hook, where I’m imagining your son might be, and I’m in Cobble Hill.) It feels so very special and precious and makes up for that empty bedroom down the hall.


    • So well said, Vicki! Any wistfulness I feel at their absence is gone quickly when I think about the men my boys have become. It also makes the times we do spend together so much more meaningful. By the way, Michael is in Red Hook. Hope you and your daughter were successful finding a dress. Thanks for stopping by!


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