SOLC 2014: Five Things Right Now


Yesterday, Margaret Simon, at Reflections on the Teche wrote about “Ten Things Right Now,” an idea from Mandy Robeck that Stacey shared last week. Thanks, everyone, for sharing this inspiring idea! I have adapted it slightly because it’s getting late and I still have a couple of projects to work on this evening.

  1. Last night, I stayed up way past my bedtime, yet I couldn’t stop reading all the fabulous slices people shared yesterday. I actually feel a little intimidated now about sharing my writing in the same space, but I’m also energized by everyone’s writing.
  2. Spending time with thoughtful third graders. I love sharing books with kids and watching them as they react to and have ideas about the text. Yesterday, I read Island: A Story of the Galapagos by Jason Chin as an example of a nonfiction text organized in a sequence. Chin’s writing is rich and descriptive, and his illustrations bring these mysterious islands to life. The kids were fascinated by the story of these islands. Today, they began planning a how-to book using a sequence structure.
  3. Collaborating with Kindergarten teachers to refine our informational writing rubric. We had a very productive discussion about whether or not our wording is clear and helps the teachers make instructional decisions.
  4. Taking the time this afternoon to go to yoga class. This class is offered at school for teachers at the end of the day. It makes for a late day, but it’s absolutely worth it. I love how I feel after class.
  5. Pancakes and bacon for dinner. Delicious, and the perfect choice for this cold, rainy day.

Thank you, as always, to StaceyTaraDanaBetsyAnna, and Beth for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge. Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers to read more Slice of Life posts.

12 thoughts on “SOLC 2014: Five Things Right Now

  1. I can’t wait to work with writing informational texts with my students after spring break. I loved Island: A Story of the Galapagos – what a great mentor text! One of these days I’d love to try yoga!


  2. So funny, Catherine, when we had the snow and cold yesterday, I made breakfast too! I love the island book-beautiful. And happy about Yoga for you-it is good to take the time. Happy evening too!


  3. I have been staying up late too reading slices. I don’t realize how much time as passed when I am so engrossed! I love breakfast for dinner. We had sausage, eggs and hash browns tonight. Must have been a breakfast kind of day! 🙂


  4. Reading this sent me on a little journey back to Margaret and Mandy’s writing. This is a fabulous idea. I like how you made it your own by writing about five things. I share #1 it is inspiring to see what our fellow slicers write about, even when it is just a sampling.


  5. I used to love doing yoga after work when I lived in Manhattan. (I can’t do yoga anymore b/c of surgery I had a few years ago.) A later night, yes, but totally worth it!

    And pancakes for dinner?!!? Yum! We do that around here too.


  6. Thanks for tagging on with your 5 Things. I love how we inspire each other in this writing community. My students are doing so as well. One has started a line lifting craze. What a guilty pleasure, pancakes for dinner! I love yoga, too.


  7. Yoga class at school? That sounds wonderful. Breakfast for dinner works for me any night! Reading slices has given me many ideas. I might have to try this format next week.


  8. Catherine,
    I enjoyed getting a peek into all of the little parts of your day. I may have to give this a try at some point. Your last one really caught my attention. I’m not sure when the last time was I had breakfast for dinner. I think I’ll add that to our menu for next week. My daughter will be glad you put the idea into my head.



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