Poetry Friday: This Moment


This Moment

by Eavan Boland

A neighborhood.

At dusk.

Things are getting ready

to happen

out of sight.

Stars and moths.

And rinds slanting round fruit.

But not yet.

Read the rest of the poem here.

"First Steps (after Millet)" Vincent Van Gogh, 1890 Metropolitan Museum of Art, via wikipaintings.org
“First Steps (after Millet)” Vincent Van Gogh, 1890 Metropolitan Museum of Art, via wikipaintings.org

Eavan Boland is one of “the foremost female voices in Irish literature.” (Boland’s biography can be found at The Poetry Foundation) I wasn’t familiar with her or her work, but was struck by the imagery in “This Moment.” I can’t decide if Boland’s tone is meant to be ominous or just full of expectation. Either way, the anticipation of the unknown seemed appropriate for the New Year.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Be sure to visit Betsy at I Think in Poems for the Poetry Friday Round Up.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: This Moment

  1. Each line is its own tapestry – just stunning. I am not at all familiar with this poet, Catherine, but i think I need to be. Thanks for sharing this Poetry Friday.


  2. You’re right, there’s certainly a tug on the reader between that black tree and the yellow window – between light and dark (which “dusk” combines.) Or maybe just between the past and the future – the mother and the daughter. The poem is just right for the new year (and the fact that the apples are sweetening gives us some hope, right?)


  3. It’s a beautiful poem, Catherine. I’ve used it in lessons, given students cut up lines to see how they would handle the line breaks, for style & for emphasis. It also helps them enjoy the poem thoroughly. Thanks for reminding me of its beauty, especially at this year’s beginning!


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