Slice of Life: Buried Treasure


School doesn’t officially begin until August 26th, but today I worked with first grade teachers on revisions to our writing curriculum. We had honest conversations about their concerns, productive conversations about our expectations, and began laying out their first unit. We were all pleased with what we accomplished and hope to get even more done tomorrow.

We also looked at several books, considering them as possible mentor texts. We all loved the book included in with the TCRWP Units of Study, Night of the Veggie Monster, by George McClements, and they wished they had Ralph Tells a Story, by Abby Hanlon last year. Everyone felt that we should choose at least one more book before school starts. I mentioned I was pretty sure I had a book at home that would fit the bill.

When I got home this evening, I went into my office and started looking through the stack of picture books where I thought the missing book was. I didn’t find it, but I did uncover this, buried for so long I didn’t even know I had it.

Earrings, by Judith Viorst

Barbara featured this book on her Picture Book 10 for 10 post on Saturday. I even commented that I didn’t know the book! So thank you, Barbara, for highlighting this wonderful book, so that I would know what a treasure I had found. Who knows what else is hiding in that pile?

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Buried Treasure

  1. Oh, I love the book! Earrings beautiful earrings. I need them. I want them. I have to have them! What a great find! Now I need to find some time to review all those #pb10for10 book lists! 🙂 More great finds to discover! And love, love, love Ralph too!


  2. You know you’re a book lover with OBBD (a condition coined by one of my students, Obsessive Book Buying Disorder) when you find books in your piles you forgot you had! 😉


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