A Magnetic Poem for Poetry Friday


I love to sing, but I’m not a musician. I can pick out tunes on the piano, but can’t play the piano. So I was a little surprised a few years ago when someone gave me the Music Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit. It’s turned out to be one of my favorites.

For Poetry Friday, I’d like to share one of my creations from this kit:

Sing a song

Of the world’s 

Shimmering beauty and 

Dazzling grace.

Hear its vivid rhythm:

Music for life.

Magnetic poetry is a great addition to any classroom. Kids love being able to move the words around easily, and the fact that the words are already there is a huge help to those kids who always say they don’t know what to write. Kids also love to be silly, and with a Magnetic Poetry Kit, they can get pretty silly. 

The original Magnetic Poetry Kits can be ordered online. There are many kits available, literally an A-Z of topics, including Artist, Cowboy, Food Lover, Pirate, and more. The company also has a line just for kids. This includes Really Big Words and StoryMaker, among others.

An online version of the kits are available, too. There aren’t as many kit options, but it’s still a fun to get those creative juices flowing. Kids can choose from the First Words Kit and Kids’ Kit. Each has lots of nouns and verbs, but adjectives are limited to simple words like good, fun, fast, or color words. 

A number of apps based on Magnetic Poetry are available for iPads and smart phones, but curiously not from the Magnetic Poetry company itself. Of the apps I played with, I liked iFoundPoetry the best. This app lets you choose word themes and add your own words. It also lets you choose the typeface of the magnets, the background image, and you can share your creations through email or Twitter.

Be sure to stop by Robyn Hood Black‘s blog today for the Poetry Friday Roundup.



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