Slice 22 of 31: Douglas Florian for Poetry Friday


Much of the northeast is still gripped by frigid temperatures and snow is still on the ground. Today is my son’s birthday, and I always use this day as a benchmark for hearing the peepers. I really can’t remember a year we haven’t heard them by now. This year, not a peep.

So today seems like a good day to share a poem from Douglas Florian’s Handsprings (Greenwillow, 2006), an exuberant celebration of the season.



Spring is great

For growing grass.

Spring has zing

And spring has sass.

Spring is super.

Spring is spry.

Spring is when

Things start to fly.

Spring is great

For many reasons.

Spring does handsprings

Round the Seasons.

Thank you to Greg Pincus for hosting Poetry Friday today. Don’t miss the fun at GottaBook. As always, thanks to Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers for hosting this Slice of Life Challenge!

17 thoughts on “Slice 22 of 31: Douglas Florian for Poetry Friday

  1. With limited signs of spring around and the forecast for another snow storm next week, I believe many of us will be doing handsprings when the warm spring air arrives.


  2. As we in far off Australia slide into autumn, spring is still some distance away however, I have a number of Douglas Florian poetry books, so my connection to your chosen poem is strong. Thank you for sharing this seasonal reminder.


  3. Indiana is still chillin’ too, with a possible snowstorm on the way for Sunday or Monday. Hey, at least it’s not Easter Sunday… though my husband reminded me that we have had many white Easters over the years. Why didn’t Bing make a movie about THAT? No one would watch, that’s why. 🙂


  4. This is a fun poem! In Wisconsin we still are not really seeing the signs of Spring yet either. The other night we actually had wind chills below zero and I think it is supposed to snow this weekend. I hope Winter lets up soon and we all can enjoy Spring.


  5. Fun poem! Last year at this time, tulip leaves were coming out. This year, I really think the weather should check the calendar and get with the program.


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