Slice 8 of 31/Poetry Friday: March


For Poetry Friday, an original poem in honor of the weather (maybe honor isn’t the right word!):


In like a lion,

blustery and mean.

Covering with snow,

any hint of green.

Pussy willows trying to bloom
Pussy willows trying to bloom
Patiently waiting for a sunny day

Thank you to Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers for hosting this Slice of Life Challenge! The Poetry Friday Round up is at My Juicy Little Universe.

11 thoughts on “Slice 8 of 31/Poetry Friday: March

  1. Catherine,
    Today the sun came out here and the snow melted. There’s something about the sun that revives my energy and gives me fresh perspective. When I got home this evening I noticed that the green tops of my daffodils are beginning to show as are a few beginnings of tulips. Like your picture above, I find it interesting when winter and spring collide. Thanks for sharing your poem. Let’s hope for greener days to come.



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