Slice 2013 6 of 31: Musings While Knitting


Last night, I didn’t get much writing done because I spent a good part of the knitting this hat:


The finished hat will be a gift for the baby of a woman I work with. She has been on bed rest since Valentine’s Day because of a herniated disc. I’ll be thinking of her today as she undergoes a C-section, delivering baby Julia three weeks early. Immediately after the baby is born, my friend will have surgery to repair the disc. I pray that all goes well for her and her baby.

By today’s standards, I was pretty young when my children were born. Looking back, I think that was a good thing. My husband and I were too young to really understand that having kids is a pretty risky business. Or that their grip on your heart only tightens as the years go by. But I can’t imagine life without them.

Thank you to Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers for hosting this Slice of Life Challenge!

9 thoughts on “Slice 2013 6 of 31: Musings While Knitting

  1. I wish I had someone to knit with. It must be relaxing once you know how. I love the idea of having a bowl full of yarn! Grandchild #5 is about to come. The worrying/caring goes on for yet another generation! Hope all is well for your friend. Like to see that hat on her new baby some day.


  2. I always find knitting relaxing! Some days I even carry my knotting to school, so that I can knot during a meeting:)


  3. A sweet little hat for a new arrival! I keep thinking about what to knit from some beautiful alpaca yarn I have. Just can’t get inspired! Perhaps I try a hat!


  4. The hat is beautiful, & it is a wonderful thing that you know how-all in one evening, & that you’re doing it for your friend’s baby! I am envious. I hope your friend & baby are fine. One of my colleague’s wives just had their baby, after bed rest since October! It’s been such anxiety for them, & it’s a thrill that all is well.


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