Slice 2013: A Snapshot of My Reading Life

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Yesterday was a very busy day, and by the time I sat down to write my first Slice of Life Challenge, I was exhausted. But I was also energized to share my wonderful day with people. So the post was written and online before midnight. Goal accomplished. However, in my sleep-deprived state, I failed to include the Slice of Life logo or thank Stacey and Ruth for organizing this incredible adventure. Thank you, Stacey and Ruth! After reading other people’s Slices last night and this morning, I am more committed than ever to writing every day.

I also noticed that other people were combining their Slice with Poetry Friday. This makes perfect sense, as we are all busy and there are only so many hours in a day. With that in mind, my slice today is my response to the World Read Aloud Day blogging challenge, to share a snapshot of my reading life.

ImageThe only rooms in my house that don’t have a bookcase are the bathrooms. (Of course there are books, though!)  Yet, I still have a stack by my bed, by my desk, on my desk. ARRRGH! I do my best to read them all, but I’m not going to hold my breath that I’ll ever finish them all. Then there’s the added problem of new books constantly being published. There is an organizational plan, but it’s flexible. During the school year, I do most of my work-related reading on the sofa or sitting at my desk when I’m at home. I do read in bed, but only novels or poetry. During the summer, I love to read outside. I have a wicker love seat on the front porch that I share with the cat. We’ve spent entire afternoons out there, me reading, him dozing. (Okay, sometimes I doze, too.)

As the literacy specialist at my school, I feel very lucky to have a full classroom. It is filled to the brim with books! All our guided reading books are housed here, as are many, many professional books. The bulk of my collection of picture and poetry books are also kept here. Not surprisingly, my reading at school typically consists of journal articles, blog posts, e-mails, etc. Of course, if I’m planning lessons, I’ll read and reread the text I’m sharing.

This all adds up to lots of books in lots of places. How lucky am I that I have such a rich reading life?

8 thoughts on “Slice 2013: A Snapshot of My Reading Life

  1. Sounds like my house and classroom. I have so many books on my TBR list that I’ll have to live forever. People just keep coming out with new books!


  2. You are lucky! What a varied and rich reading life, indeed!

    We have bookcases in almost every room too. And in the ones that do not have bookcases yet, believe me, there are tons of books in there. Perhaps it’s time for me to organize them a little bit better.


  3. Books, books everywhere. What would life be like without books! I just keep reading and filling up my bookshelves and they keep writing more and more and more! Thanks sharing.


  4. Your front porch wicker love seat sounds like a wonderful place to read. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a day each week reserved only for reading? Have a favorite children’s book?


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